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Network Datasets

We place here some network datasets (link files) to easily start using BeGraph. They are a selection obtained from public repositories and we have transformed them into csv files. The network type can be U/D for undirected/directed networks, and PL/W whether the network has parallel links or weighted simple links.

Network N L Type Comments
Facebook 4039 88234 U, W Nodes are anonymized people, links indicate friendship relations.
C.Elegans 453 4596 U, PL Nodes are metabolites and links represent interaction between them. Includes self-links.
Airports 1574 28236 D, W Nodes designate airports and links represent regular flight connections. Includes a link property that represents the number of flights between airports.
A storm of Swords 107 352 U, W Nodes designate characters of A storm of Swords, third book of the fantasy series A Song of Fire and Ice by G.R.R. Martin. A link between two characters means that they appear within 15 words distance in the book. Each link has a weight equal to the number of times the characters appear together.
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