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Page Rank

It is a measure based on the likelihood that a random walker following links arrives to each node. It also contains the possibility of random access to a node via the damping factor in order to have an ergodic random walk. Page Rank is designed for directed networks, although it would work for undirected. It is used by Google in its search engine and it is named after Larry Page (Google CEO and co-founder). BeGraph normalizes the Page Rank to a maximum value of 1.

Input parameter Type Default Description
Iterations* int > 0 100 Number of iterations of the algorithm.
Damping factor float > 0 0.85 Related to the probability of restarting the random walk (equal to 1.0 – Damping factor).
Link weight text None Name of the link property that represents the importance of the link in the network.

* Required Field

Here we color the nodes of a social network according to their Page Rank (red means high value).


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