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Connected Components

Divides the network into connected components, i.e. topologically connected subnetworks. In directed networks, we distinguish weak and strong connectivity. Weak connectivity reduces the directed network to undirected and strong connectivity strictly follows the link direction.

Input parameter Type Default Description
Parallel*BoolFalseThis plugin has a parallelized implementation for weakly connected networks. Use this flag for big networks when you do not think there are many components.
Strong Connectivity*BoolFalseWhether to consider strong connectivity in a directed network. In this case, nodes A and B are in the same component if and only if there is a directed path from A to B and another from B to A.

* Advanced Configuration Parameter

This social network (N = 30000, L=120000) is colored according to its components, so we can identify independent parts of the network. In this case, there are two main components (red and blue), and half a dozen smaller parts.


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