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Network Metrics

Metrics in BeGraph are mathematical operations based on Graph Theory used to characterize the network. They can provide insights on the centrality of the nodes, the most transited links, cohesion properties, network clustering, and topology. Usually, their result is a new node/link property. Each BeGraph license offers different metrics and layouts. The minimum license required is indicated with [Trial], [Starter] or [Premium]. So far, BeGraph offers the following network metrics:

Spatial Layouts

A Layout is a spatial arrangement of the network that helps to understand its topology and structure. Note that the exact positions in space of the nodes are completely irrelevant for this purpose, only their relative location and grouping have meaning. BeGraph provides several layout algorithms: Fruchterman-Reingold, Kamada-Kawai, Force Atlas and a node property based layout (scatter plot):

For novel users, we recommend the use of the Fruchterman-Reingold layout, on the assumption that the network is not too big.

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